"Hey jude!"

Most people call me, "Hey Jude!"

I've explored the world as a travel writer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master dallying in spots like Shanghai, Brasil, Fiji, Mexico, Kauai, and now all over the map in an old school camper van with my `ohana.

Driven by a love of nature and movement, I'm also a surfer and a climber who encourages everyone to find true bliss by using creative expression as a way to thrive. 

As a full-time writer, I bring uniquely insightful and detailed perspectives to my words, coloring all the subtleties that often go overlooked. I believe it's the smallest of observations that are often the most alluring of all. I've been happily honing my craft for over 15 years (although, if you count when I truly started bringing words to life in fourth grade, it'd be much longer than that).

My expertise includes extensive strategic marketing and copywriting consultancy services for globally recognized clients. 

When not indulging in the art of the written word, I devote a hearty amount of loving energy and time to Meditations for Mamas. Meditations for Mamas empowers women to feel better about themselves, their bodies, and their relationships than ever before — all AS A MAMA — because our inner voices become the voices our children hear within themselves.

Whether searching to be inspired by words or by a social change movement, I invite you to come play with me today!

Let's be social.

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